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We have Agents in Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset and Lambourn, and Herefordshire.  To learn more about our products or arrange a delivery, contact:

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American Thoroughbred Products Ltd:
Our formulas are products of extensive research in USA and we are always in touch with the latest discoveries. We also have well documented evidence for the impressive benefits that our many professional users have achieved.

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Our Products, Made in USA:

Actimune - boosts the horses immune system and helps horses to fight infection - cost from just 56p per horse per day at maintenance level.

GLC5500 - the only Full Spectrum Glucosamine and Chondroitin Complex - cost from just £1.37 per horse per day.  

Three exciting new products to support competition horse performance:

U-7 Gastric Supplement, maintains healthy function of equine gastric system - ideal for horses prone to gastric ulcers - cost from just £1.54 per horse per day at maintenance level. SPECIAL OFFER - Was £126.13, NOW £98.38, 22% discount saving you £27.75!
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Hemo Stop
, a dietary support for equine pulmonary performance.

JC's X-Tie Up
, to help support and maintain locomotion and the healthy function of muscle systems.

U5-UK - All About Horseback Riding

All About Horseback Riding

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Riding Safety – Tips to Keep You Safe on the Trail

Riding Safety – Tips to Keep You Safe on the Trail

There is significantly more to horseback riding security than simply wearing a hard cap however that is unquestionably an awesome thought. Following 80 years of riding, 35 years of driving and arranging riding outings and acting as a specialist witness in riding mischance cases, I have framed some solid thoughts regarding the main sources of riding mishaps. They regularly aren’t what individuals think. As far as I can tell it is uncommon that speed alone is the reason for a mishap. I have found that the accompanying avoidable dangers represent by far most of the genuine mishaps.

On the off chance that you are making the most of your life, it looks bad to ride without a hard cap. They are not that difficult to wear and can regularly counteract or lessen head wounds in falls. A head damage is for the most part far more terrible than a broken bone and the individuals who have them regularly don’t totally recuperate. Around ten years prior a flawless young lady marked a unique discharge not to wear a hard cap before riding with me. After an hour she fell, hitting her head on a stone and went into seizures. She will never be the same; nor will I ever excuse myself for permitting her to ride without insurance. I don’t mean to commit that error once more. Since making hard caps compulsory at our farm ten years back, we have had maybe a couple caps a year harmed when individuals took falls and I am persuaded that we have stayed away from a few blackouts, therefore.

I think fitting coordinating of steed and rider is an essential component in maintaining a strategic distance from mischances. A lively, athletic stallion can startle the living crap out of a fledgling and a drained old attachment can exhaust an accomplished rider. A genuine assessment by a qualified educator of a man’s riding aptitudes is an ideal approach to judge subsequent to numerous individuals don’t generally know how well they ride as per the place’s norms where they are riding. On the off chance that it is a matter of a riding visit, it is basic that riders ought to be experienced and sufficiently fit to do the outing as it was proposed to be done and the trouble ought to be plainly spelled out.

A riding mischance can positively be a frightening and disagreeable experience. Regularly the most exceedingly terrible piece of it is that it makes you lose trust in yourself and in the stallion. Individuals who are fit as a fiddle are normally not truly hurt when they fall and I more likely than not fallen over a hundred times in 75 years of riding. The greater part of those falls gave me close to a wound or two and harmed my inner self. Three times I have been seriously harmed when a steed fell with me and I think those falls are generally the well on the way to bring about damage.

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WIN! - Pamper & Performance
Looking after You and Your Horse

We are giving you the chance to win a Delux Pamper Day at a Spa near you, plus 6 months supply of U7 Gastric Supplement for your horse.  

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Shane Borland uses GLC5500

Former AQHA – UK Open Reining Champion, Shane Borland feeds his horses GLC 5500.  “Reining requires a very athletic horse, my horses need nutritional support to help ensure their health and fitness with the demands the sport puts on their bodies, GLC5500 helps their joints stay strong”. (Shane Borland) Borland Quarter  Horses

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 Penny in action 

Grandmother completes the London Marathon

Penny Tree from Lodsworth, West Sussex completed the London Marathon, Penny takes GLC2000 every day to keep herself going. She should reach her target of raising £10,000 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation..

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Is GLC the only joint supplement to have "objective clinical evidence" of improved joint mobility?

Some companies will go to extraordinary lengths to exaggerate the efficacy of their product. On the 6th April 2011, the Advertising Standards Agency upheld 3 complaints about Cortaflex advertising...

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